Shirley Paris Jewellery,
32 Union Street, Larkhall
South Lanarkshire,
Scotland ML9 1DR
Tel. 01698 768085


5 facts about Shirley Paris Jewellery

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1) Our shop in Larkhall is also where we make our jewellery and carry out all reparis. Just a few short steps from the design desk is the bench where we make your bespoke item. Many people don't know where their jewellery goes when having it made or repaired, so we are very proud to offer this extra guarantee

of security.

2) Malcolm Paris, the director of the business worked with the BBC for many years, and now transfers those skills into the business. Every photo of our

beautiful jewellery is taken by him. We believe in showing you the real thing, that's why on our website you will not find any computer generated images, simply jewellery we have either made as a commission or made to sell. 

3) Shirley and Malcolm work with their daughter Hannah who is a designer and the shop manager and eldest son Adam who is a goldsmith. We are very proud to offer a professional and friendly experience in our family run store.

4) When Shirley left school she immediatly entered the jewellery trade, serving an apprenticeship before setting up her own business in 1987. She has a wealth of knowledge on diamond selecting and design obtained over many years in the industry.

5) We are one of the only jewellers in Scotland who can source pure Scottish gold, panned from all over Scotland. We have created a collection which incorporates this rare gold and we are often commissioned to make wedding rings using it. 

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About Shirley-

Shirley Paris is one of Scotland's leading Jewellery Designers, specialising in bespoke Platinum, Palladium, Gold and Silver jewellery.