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Brides- lets get creative with your Wedding Ring!

If you are one of the lucky ones out there who has received a stunning Engagement Ring which suits your style and personality, great! Now since you weren't involved in the designing of your Engagement Ring, why not use the matching Wedding Ring as your chance to get creative? With the Engagement Ring holding such significance, many brides like to keep the Wedding Ring design simple. This way no attention is taken from the Engagement Ring. However, when the Wedding Ring symbolises the eternal love for your fiancé, why not use this as a chance to have both your personalities reflected in the design? Many times we have had clients who are set on a simple Wedding Band, then having seen the options available to make it unique to them, they often have a change of heart. This could involve adding a touch of rose gold to a platinum Wedding Ring, or a few diamonds to match the shoulders of your Engagement Ring. Whichever you decide to choose, make sure and choose something which will stand the test of time. At the end of your big day your Wedding Rings are what you take home- along with your new Husband!


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