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Bespoke appointment

Designing your engagement ring is a truly enjoyable experience. A consultation will involve a chat about you and your fiancé’s personal style, and we can help by creating sketches to show you what the final design will look like. Shirley has been designing and manufacturing engagement rings for over 25 years and loves coming up with new ideas for each individual client. She can also guide and advise on selecting a diamond, or any other gem for your bespoke engagement ring. Visit our Shirley Paris Jewellery Guide to Buying Diamonds and Gems. Design consultations are free and there is no obligation to buy. Creating beautiful jewellery is our passion and we encourage you to take your time during the experience. See what our clients are saying here.

During your engagement ring design appointments we are happy to present ideas for a perfectly fitting wedding band. Shirley is a pioneer of shaped wedding bands and can offer completely unique design options. For the gents we can design a band which brings in a small element of the female wedding ring. For example, some brides have a rose gold engagement or wedding ring so we can bring this factor into the gents band. You may be looking for a simple straight ring, we can advise which is best for your style and type of work as well as the most comfortable fit.

We are happy to design any style of ring based around your existing engagement ring. It is so important to have a 'snug' fitting wedding ring, so there is no unnecessary rubbing against your engagement ring. If you are looking for a unique and quality ring we are confident we can create a stunning bespoke piece to stand the test of time. 

Creating your jewellery

The designers and goldsmiths at Shirley Paris are a small team made up by Shirley's two children Adam and Hannah and husband Malcolm. Unlike many bespoke jewellers, the designer you speak with is always involved in the manufacturing of your jewellery. We are very proud that all our jewellery is designed and made by us, in our own workshop in Larkhall, Central Scotland.

Meet our team and find out what we have to say about bespoke Engagement and Wedding Ring designing.

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Shirley - Founder and Director (F.G.A Diamond Dip)

Think about your diamond

Shirley is a qualified gemmologist and has been sourcing and selecting diamonds for over 25 years. She is here to offer her expertise in selecting the perfect stone to fit your budget. Remember to think about diamond quality. Clients tend to be attracted to the size and often neglect the 4 C’s- Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Remember it is a combination of these attributes which creates a truly stunning diamond. Diamond rings are almost always passed down the generations, so when it comes to choosing your stone, think of it as an investment for your future family. 

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Hannah – Designer (P.J Dip)

Think about the design 

When you come to Shirley Paris to have an engagement ring specially designed we like to take the time to get to know who you are as a couple. Is your style modern or classic? Delicate or bold? We have a wide range of designs in house to help you on your way to designing the perfect ring. Remember this ring will be worn for a very long time,so its important to relax and take time during these first stages. 

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Adam – Trainee Goldsmith

Think about white, yellow or rose gold

White metals - Platinum, 18ct white gold ,9ct white gold, Palladium - Yellow metals -18ct yellow gold, 9ct yellow gold - Rose metals -18ct red gold, 9ct red gold

Malcolm – Director 

Think about Cost - the meaning of your Engagement Ring

Malcolm realised when chatting to clients that a ring has a special journey within a family, often being inherited by a son or daughter and becoming a treasured heirloom.
How to put a price on that?
We advise that you keep an open mind but perhaps set a ‘no more than’ limit and let us show you some options incorporating the information above.
You’ll not be disappointed with the result!

Get in touch at your convenience to arrange your consultation

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About Shirley-

Shirley Paris is one of Scotland's leading Jewellery Designers, specialising in bespoke Platinum, Palladium, Gold and Silver jewellery.