Shirley Paris Jewellery,
32 Union Street, Larkhall
South Lanarkshire,
Scotland ML9 1DR
Tel. 01698 768085


We are one of the very few jewellers in Scotland who can source pure Scottish gold. It is sourced from all over the country but mainly in Tyndrum, north of Loch Lomond. We can design and make you a unique piece made entirely of this extremely rare gold or just incorporating a small piece. We can also keep the 'nugget' in its natural form if this is an aspect you like. Our gold panner Leon Kirk provides us with a signed certificate of authenticity to go along with all pieces which are made with Scottish gold. We recently designed a collection Golden Roots which is silver with a small piece of Scottish gold. A great gift for someone who loves unusual jewellery or someone visiting our lovely country and wants to take home something which is sourced, designed and made in Scotland.

Call the shop on 01698 768085 or fill in an enquiry form for more details on Scottish gold

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About Shirley-

Shirley Paris is one of Scotland's leading Jewellery Designers, specialising in bespoke Platinum, Palladium, Gold and Silver jewellery.